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How to Keep Molds Away from Your Property

11/4/2020 (Permalink)

a ceiling that has brown molds Mold growth on the ceiling

Molds are a fungus that can make your home look unsightly and cause other issues. It can grow in humid and moist areas in your house such as the basement, kitchen, bathroom, etc. Check out these tips on how to avoid these fungi from growing in your home. 

Keep Humidity Levels Low

A humid environment is the source of mild growth which is why proper ventilation is your best weapon against these fungi. Installation of vent fans in the bathroom, basement, and kitchen is a big help in preventing molds. Dehumidifiers are also an excellent option. 

Dry Wet Areas Immediately

The bathroom and kitchen are the common areas of mold growth due to the frequent presence of moisture. Dry these areas immediately after using them. It’s also important to check out enclosed spaces and leaky pipes as these can be sources of mold growth as well. 

Add Indoor Plants to Your Home

Indoor plants help reduce moisture and reduce carbon dioxide in your home. They can also vastly improve the indoor air quality of your home!